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International Registration



Prices in effect 

10k: U$D 145
21k: U$D 245
42k: U$D 325 
70k: U$D 375
110k: U$D 459
100Mi: U$D 499 
PRVertical race: U$D 145

Payment Methods: Credit Cards


Each enrolled Runner shall get:

  ‣ Access to the race of their choice: PRVertical, 10k, 21k, 42k, 70k, 110k, or 100Mi
  ‣ Race t-shirt
  ‣ Bib runner number
  ‣ Chip for timing
  ‣ Finisher Medal for all participants who cross the finish line
  ‣ Trophy for winners
  ‣ Snacks and hydration at Aid Stations - Medical assistance in the race
  ‣ Runner Insurance  


*Discounts not combined with other promotions.

PRVertical race + Other distance*

» If you sign up for PRVertical race and then sign up for another distance, you will automatically receive a 20% discount on the registration fee for the second distance you sign up for. This discount is not transferable to another person. 

» If you sign up for a distance and then sign up for PRVertical race, you will automatically get a 20% discount on the PRVertical race registration. This discount is not transferable to another person. 

PRVertical race and 21k are not compatible due to start times.


The members of the Accredited Running Team will have a 10% discount.

If you are a Running Team coordinator, 10 members minimum, write to to request the accreditation bases of Running Team and thus obtain the Discount Codes to use them in the Registration.

(!) They must request the code in advance BEFORE completing the registration form. This discount can not be applied after you have registered. 


⚠️ Applicable only in the 1st stage of registration.

Discount for runners who have already participated in previous editions:
12 editions will have 75 % discount
11 editions will have 50 % discount
10 editions will have 40 % discount
9 editions will have 30 % discount
8 editions will have 25 % discount
7 editions will have 20% discount
6 editions with 15% discount
5 editions with 12% discount


Distance change can be requested once registered and will be confirmed as long as there is availability in the new chosen distance.
If the new distance is longer, the difference in registration fee at the moment of the change will have to be paid. No refunds will be made to runners who change to a shorter distance. In all cases, changes will have an administrative fee of U$D 10.
Distance changes can be self-managed from the runner profile until March 30, 2023, subject to availability and registrations are open.