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Patagonia Run is a mountain trail run race, non-stop, for individual runners, which includes 7 distances for all athlete profiles: from trail run debutants and short-distance runners to long ultra-marathon distances and slope experienced runners. We have mountain sub-marathon distances: 10k, 21k, marathon distance: 42k, and ultra-marathon distances 70k, 110k, 100 Miles and the explosive PRVertical.

The starting line for the PRVertical, 21k and 10k distances will be on Wednesday, April 9th,2025 from the base of the Chapelco Ski Resort.
For those who participate in 42k, the start will be on Thursday, April 10th, from the base of the Chapelco Ski Resort.
For the 100 miles it will be on Friday, April 11th from the base of the Chapelco Ski Resort.
On Friday the 11th, so will the 110k runners from around the city.
The last start being the 70k race that will take place on Saturday the 12th, also from the outskirts of the city.

San Martín de los Andes, located in the most beautiful part of Patagonia Argentina, will impress you with its breathtaking landscapes.

We welcome you to be part of this challenging race in this wonderful setting.