Ultra Trail World Tour

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Ultra Trail World Tour

Ultra-Trail World Tour is an International circuit of ultra trail races founded in 2013, which had its first Edition in 2014 .

Ultra Trail World Tour 2017 consists already of 23 races, under four categories: Series Bonus, Series, Pro y Challenger, according to the amount of points they give runners in the annual ranking. The winner will obtain 1.300 points in this annual ranking, (1.000, 700 and 400 respectively according to the race category) This will also add to the new triannual ranking of the circuit.
Ultra-Trail® World Tour races are varied and specific, illustrating the diversity in trail running: steep trails in the Alps or California, hills and beaches in Hong Kong or the Moroccan dessert.…

These different formats fill show how adaptable runners really are.
Participants in des Sables Marathon, La Tarawera 100k Ultramarathon, Mount Fuji Ultra Trail or Western State Endurance Run 100 will need to display very different qualities and skills to be a winner, or simply a finisher.

Even if totally different, the races in the Ultra-Trail® World Tour Share the same values, which they are most proud to share and promote: ethics, sports equity, respect for oneself and others, and for the environment…
Participating in the Ultra-Trail® World Tour gives runners the chance to travel and discover cultural and sports differences. All continents will be visited: Africa, America, Oceania; Europe… many chances to enrich our Sports culture, make new friends and be filled up with emotions in order to maybe one day get to being a finisher in all races!

¿How are races selected?

– Minimum distance 100km
– Emblematic places
– Popular races (minimum 500 runners)
– Events Worldwide (at least 20 nations represented in races)
– Races with at least two consecutive editions

An annual ranking, with a view to selecting the l Ultra-Trail® World Tour champion.

According to their performance, each finisher is awarded a certain amount of points to become part of the annual ranking, updated as races are run. Ranking available online at www.ultratrailworldtour.com.

The Ultra-Trail® World Tour competitive circuit is organized in partnership with, and under the same rules followed by the International Trail Running Association.

To foster the meeting of elite runners, a certain number of races “The Ultra Trail® Series » will award more points in the ranking and only the three best results will be considered. (maximum. 2 « Ultra-Trail® Series »)

By the end of the year, after the las trace is run, a male and a female runner are awarded the « Ultra-Trail® World Tour ».prize

One passport for all races

Runners wishing to participate in one or several phases of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour may apply for their « Ultra-Trail® World Tour » passport online at www.ultratrailworldtour.com.

Finishers will get a visa to stamp on their Passports and join the annual Ultra-Trail® World Tour ranking.


The same regulations apply to male and female annual rankings. Only the best two performances in the tear are considered.

Each race allots a certain amount of points according to race category:

Bonus Series: 1300 points for the winner, going down to 143th position

_Serie: 1000 points for the winner, going down to the 136th position

_Pro: 700 points for the winner, going down to the 125yh position

_Rango: 400 points for the winner, going down to the 100th position

Since 2017, there is a tri-annual ranking in which global ranking of a male and a female combines the five best results of more tan 3 years to select the best athletes worldwide.